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FLAS-CANADA is a passionate and experienced team in the sale of aircrafts in North America. Our main business is to find a serious buyer or seller to our customers.

With over 18 years of experience and hundreds of aircraft sold under our belt, we have developed a network of serious customers and recognized accredited professional partners. Our personalized consulting service tailored to your needs is available 7 days a week. Your satisfaction is our priority!

Many Thanks to all our customers for choosing FLAS CANADA. Your kind words and appreciation messages are always greatly appreciated. We are not a dating service, but almost! We put the right people in touch and we facilitate their first exchange...

Please do not hesitate to call or email us with your requests, questions or comments.

Give us a mandate, we will offer you results!

This is the list of aircraft you will find in our section
Aircraft for sale:
  • Cap 2000
  • Commonwealth Skyranger 185
  • Edo/kenmore air harbor 3430
  • Edo/kenmore air harbor 4930
  • Helio aircraft 391B
  • Krate 1350-1500
  • Osprey aircraft OSPREY II
  • Pg floats (new) PG-3430
  • Pg floats (new) PG-2500
  • Pg floats (new) PG-2000
  • Pg floats (new) PG-1500
  • Pg floats (new) PG-1200
  • Pg floats (new) PG-4500
  • Pg-wheel/ski-new PG-2000
  • Pg-wheel/ski-new PG-1400
  • Piper PA-22-108

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    Aircraft for sale 1961 PIPER PA-22-108
    1961 PIPER PA-22-108
    125,000.00$ Cdn
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    8am to 8pm
    7 days to per Week
    Frank : 514-900-0233
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