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FLAS-CANADA: Aircraft for Sale; Single engine, Turbo props, floats plane, Amphibs, Cessna, Piper and many other used aircrafts available. If we are not currently showing the recreational aircraft of your dream on our listing, send us an email and we will be happy to assist you and find it!

Year Maker Model Price
2014 PG Floats (new) PG-1200 9,999 Cdn PG Floats (new) PG-1200
2014 PG Floats (new) PG-1500 10,800 Cdn PG Floats (new) PG-1500
2014 PG Floats (new) PG-2000 14,995 Cdn PG Floats (new) PG-2000
2014 PG Floats (new) PG-2500 19,800 Cdn PG Floats (new) PG-2500
2014 PG Floats (new) PG-3430 26,200 Cdn PG Floats (new) PG-3430
2014 PG Floats (new) PG-4500 38,200 Cdn PG Floats (new) PG-4500
2014 PG-Wheel/Ski-NEW PG-1400 4,600 Cdn PG-Wheel/Ski-NEW PG-1400
2014 PG-Wheel/Ski-NEW PG-2000 4,900 Cdn PG-Wheel/Ski-NEW PG-2000
n/d CAP 2000 9,000 Cdn CAP 2000
n/d EDO/Kenmore Air Harbor 3430 11,500 Cdn
n/d EDO/Kenmore Air Harbor 4930 45,000 Cdn EDO/Kenmore Air Harbor 4930
Float previously sold
Year Maker Model Price
n/d EDO/Kenmore Air Harbor 3430 22,500 Cdn EDO/Kenmore Air Harbor 3430
1979 PeeKay(PK) 2300 19,500 Cdn PeeKay(PK) 2300
n/d CAP 2000 12,500 Usd CAP 2000

Aircraft for sale 1961 PIPER PA-22-108
1961 PIPER PA-22-108
125,000.00$ Cdn
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